ADT-STL500 Series (ADT-STL500/SS, STL500/AL & STL500/GI)

The ADT-STL500 series Sand Trap Louvers are normally used as pre filter for fresh air intake of Air Handling Units, Package Air Conditioning Units, Roof Top Fresh Air Units for Air Conditioning Systems and for Fresh Air Intake in manufacturing plants. It has a high degree of separation of sand and large dust particles even in case of high dust concentrations. The vertically arranged blade sections and holes for sand drainage ensure that the sand trap louver is self cleaning and maintenance free. It is designed to separate large particles of sand and dust from airstream at low velocities, thus avoiding excessive dust loading of conventional filters. It is not intended as a substitute for conventional filters.

The ADT-STL500 series is available in stainless steel (ADT-STL500/SS), aluminum (ADT-STL500/AL) and galvanized iron (ADT-STL500/GI) construction.



• Frame: 1.00 mm thick high quality galvanized iron sheet.

• Blades: 1.00 mm thick high quality galvanized iron sheet.

• Drain: 20 mm diameter self drain holes at the bottom of the louver.

• Assembly: mechanically fastened with Aluminum rivets.


• Designed for intake applications to separate sand and dust from intake air.

• Provided with self emptying sand drain holes from the base.

• Composed two sets of inverted U-channels mounted vertically on two opposite rows.

• Drain holes are provided for emptying filtered sand and dust.


• Natural aluminum anodized finish.

• Other finish is available as option.

Neck Sizes (mm)
Minimum 150 x 150
• Available in square and rectangular sizes. • All sizes can be produced.

• All Dimensions are in mm.