ADT-RVCD8250 Series (ADT-RVCD8250/MA & ADT-RVCD8250/MO)

High quality single blade Round Volume Control Dampers are designed for quiet, efficient and reliable air volume control in ventilation systems. The damper is used for regulating air flow or as shut‐off damper when complete sealing against air flow is not required. AIR DEVICE TECHNOLOGY provides top quality round dampers to control air flow in Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems that fit standard round ducts. The round casing is manufactured by rolling suitable size Zincro sheet and swaging at both ends to accommodate ductwork connections. Adjustable damper blade mounted on spindle which is coupled with hand locking quadrant and can be fully opened or closed.

The blades are single skin cut to round shape, reinforced at center to accommodate spindle assembly and provide toughness. Dampers can be manual with locking quadrant and position indicator or motorized with a wide range of electrical actuators. Model ADT-RVCD8250/MA is manual control damper and model ADT-RVCD8250/MO is motorized control damper.



• Frame: High quality Zincro sheet Frame with swaging at both ends to suit ductwork connections.

• Blades: Single Skinned blades are fabricated from High quality Zincro sheet.

• Axles: Blades are coupled with Linkage and Frame with spindle.

• Quadrant: Manual operation, locking type quadrant made of G.I. with full “open” and “close” markings. Quadrant handle and drive axle are coupled to allow opening/closing of VCD at any position.


• Both frame and blades are fabricated from high quality galvanized Zincro sheets.

• Designed for use in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

• One‐piece construction that increases rigidity and strength.

• Joints are welded and protected by spray coated to prevent rusting.

• Manual locking quadrant or motorized control shaft.

• Hand locking quadrant is provided with clear open/close indication and three intermediate open positions (1/4 – 1/2 – 3/4).

• Dampers without flanges available as option for duct insertion purpose.

• Actuators of client’s choice will be supplied separately.

• Dampers will be provided with extended spindle to fix actuator on-site.

• Optional factory‐installed actuators that reduce installation time.


• Finish: Painted (customize color).

Available Neck Sizes Ø
Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm)
100 1000