ADT-RD9500 Series (ADT-RD9500/U, ADT-9500/D & ADT-9500/F)

ADT-RD9500 series diffusers are designed for use in large open spaces where high volumes of heated or cooled air are required, such as department stores, malls, and convention halls. The ADT-RD9500 Diffuser has a series of uniformly spaced concentric round cones. Round diffuser have the capacity to handle large volume of air at low sound levels for supply and extract applications.

The diffusers deliver the air in a true 360° radial horizontal pattern and produced excellent performance in variable air volume systems. Round diffuser can be installed on false ceiling or exposed duct work. They offer a unique role in diffusing and exhausting air to and from the conditioned space. There are three kind of fixed core patterns step up (ADT-RD9500/U), step down (ADT-RD9500/D) and flat face (ADT-RD9500/F).



• Frame and Inner Cones: Made of high quality Zincro sheet. Galvanized iron sheet construction as option.


• Inner cones fixed centrally to the frame.

• Designed for use in ventilation systems to allow airflow in one direction.

• Round butterfly optional damper having Galvanized Iron sheet construction finished with black enamel paint.

• The center cone includes an access hole to allow adjustment of an optional damper operator.

• Can be used for ceiling or exposed duct mounting.

• Finished with powder coating. Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as option to avoid air leakage.


• Radial type volume damper (RVD).


• Standard finish is white powder coated.

• Other finish is available as option.

Neck Sizes (mm)
150 375
200 450
250 525
300 600
• Non-standard size available as option • All sizes can be produced

• All Dimensions are in mm.

N = Neck Ø O = O/all Ø
150 200
200 250
250 300
300 350
375 425
450 500
525 575
600 650