ADT-FCD8500-OV Fire Control Dampers are designed to be installed in HVAC ductwork at locations that are designated as fire barrier or fire & smoke barrier. It prevents the spread of fire or smoke inside residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They are made of high quality galvanized Iron Sheet. Modern era buildings incorporate highly complex and sophisticated infrastructures and designs. Therefore, the occurrence of fire may bring serious loss to human life and property if not managed properly. ADT’s range of fire dampers are designed taking into consideration these complexities and are designed to protect individual rooms or zones by sealing off any supply or extract air.

There is a wide choice of sizes available suitable for low, medium and high velocity applications. The dampers are fitted with standard release 72°C fusible links unless otherwise specified.



• Frame: High quality Galvanized Iron Sheet (Thickness: 0.9mm – 1.62mm).

• Frame Flange: 30 mm flange width.

• Blades: Galvanized Iron blade (Thickness: 0.9mm – 1.62mm).

• Fusible Link: Fusible Link is used which melts at normally 70 - 75°C.


• Both frame and blades are fabricated from high quality galvanized Iron sheets.

• The interlocking type blades are designed with hat shaped reinforcement ridges ensuring strength and stability.

• Designed for use in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

• Joints are welded and protected by spray coated to prevent rusting.

• Flanged edges are supplied drilled.

• Dampers without flanges available as option for duct insertion purpose.

• Available in different sizes.

Neck Sizes (mm)
250 x 250 600 x 350
300 x 300 750 x 300
375 x 375 900 x 550
450 x 450 1200 x 550
• Non-standard size available as option. • All sizes can be produced.