About adt

The AIR DEVICE TECHNOLOGY was established in 1995 as an engineering company. AIR DEVICE TECHNOLOGY is professional manufacturer of Air Distribution equipments, who has been doing business in the HVAC industry for a quarter of a century. The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Lahore, Pakistan. The primary products that are produced by AIR DEVICE TECHNOLOGY are: Grilles & Registers, Diffusers, Motorized Volume Control Dampers, Air Filters, Non Return Dampers, Jet Diffusers, Fresh Air Control Damper with Filter & Grille, Access Doors, Disc Valve and Electric Duct Heaters etc. The entire range is designed and manufactured to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of architects and interior designers and at the same time taking care of the performance requirements of consulting engineers.

Our superior products with its unique design, refined finish and durability have been used for many different applications in both residential and commercial buildings, and we have been enjoying an excellent reputation with our customers.

At AIR DEVICE TECHNOLOGY, we conduct our business ethically, with integrity and honesty. We focus on our clients and strive for their satisfaction. The value of time and quality is fully understood. Our success is driven by working closely with our customers and ensures to get desired results and maximum output.

Our Mission

Our mission is dedicated to making continuous improvements to provide high-performing and high-standard HVAC equipments to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. Our rigorous adherence to quality has been the primary fuel for our remarkable growth; whereas, we carefully control the quality of each product at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Our Vision

To be globally known as one of the best brands to provide a complete range of HVAC equipment.