ADT-ECG7500 Egg Crate Grilles have grid cores capable of transferring or returning high air volumes at minimum pressure requirements. The Egg Crate Grilles are high capacity return air or exhaust outlets with the highest free area available. They therefore have the lowest pressure drop and sound levels available for a return air inlet. They are most suitable for use as ceiling returns.

AIR DEVICE TECHNOLOGY model ADT-ECG7500 egg crate grilles are ideal for areas requiring high changeover rates like restaurant, kitchen, painting booths etc. As the egg crate louver is made by aluminum, we can have desired powder coated color which gives further rigidity to the construction.



• Frame: High quality extruded aluminum profile.

• Frame Flange: 30mm flange width as standard.

• Egg Crate Cores: 25 mm x 25 mm x 50 mm aluminum grid cores.


• Frame is constructed from high quality extruded Aluminum Profile with advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.

• High free area core.

• Rigid construction provides noiseless performance.

• Minimized pressure drop.

• Excellent appearance, long space of airflow, used as return air of ceiling and side wall.

• Egg crate design, with solid structure, easy for balancing the airflow.

• Furnished with countersunk screw holes and mounting screws as option.

• Dampers can be installed so as to adjust airflow.


• Opposed blade damper (OBD).


• Natural aluminum anodized finish.

• Standard finish is white powder coated.

• Other finish is available as option.

Available Sizes in One Piece
Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm)
150 x 100 1200 x 1200

Sizes greater than maximum will be supplied in multiple sections for filed joining.


• All Dimensions are in mm.