We Supply Air Filters used in HVAC system comes under EN779 Air Filtration standard. We supply Pre, Medium and Fine Air Filters to Customers according to their Environment and Required Air Filtration Class, as in Pakistan we have different weathers and climates, and had to deal with different types of Air Pollutants and Contaminants with our Air Filters. Major usage of our Filters is in our industry such as:

• Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

• Health Care Units and Labs

• Power Plants producing electricit

Beside them HVAC systems of Commercial and Industrial Buildings also need our Air Filters to clean and purify their indoor working environment. We provide these good quality Air Filters in best possible Prices without compromising the Quality.

ADT-AF6750/P Pre-Filter meet G3 and G4 Class Air Filtration. These filters are made of high quality Synthetic media. Pre air filters are primary stage of filters used to arrest large dust particles of size less than 10 micron and rubber, dirt, sand etc from atmospheric air. We use high quality Stainless Steel, aluminum and Galvanized Iron to make the body of Pre filter according to customer’s requirement. These filters are made of multiple layers of pleated and flat aluminum screen wire that allows for easy capture of particulates. Housed in a sturdy metal frame, these filters are also designed with strength and durability for lasting a long time.

This filter are used in any air handling application. There are two types of media shape; Flat type and Corrugated type. Corrugated type media filter have more surface area than flat type media filter.



• Air Filtration Class: G3 and G4.

• Frame: Frame fabricated from one of these materials (High quality Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Glvanized Iron) according to customer’s requirement.

• Filter Media: Synthetic.

• Filter Type: Flat type or Corrugated type.

• Filter Outer Mesh: PVC coated welded mesh.

• Customized Size: Available.


• G3 and G4 Class of Air Filtration.

• Good efficiency and large dust holding ability.

• Constructed of durable special material.

• Envrionment friendly.