We Supply Air Filters used in HVAC system comes under EN779 Air Filtration standard. We supply Pre, Medium and Fine Air Filters to Customers according to their Environment and Required Air Filtration Class, as in Pakistan we have different weathers and climates, and had to deal with different types of Air Pollutants and Contaminants with our Air Filters. Major usage of our Filters is in our industry such as:

• Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

• Health Care Units and Labs

• Power Plants producing electricit

Beside them HVAC systems of Commercial and Industrial Buildings also need our Air Filters to clean and purify their indoor working environment. We provide these good quality Air Filters in best possible Prices without compromising the Quality.

ADT-AF6750/B Bag filters meet F6 and F9 Class Air Filtration. Bag Filters acts as a pre-filters for HEPA. However, fine filtration media can act as a standalone filtration system. They have the delicate filtration capacity to hold the particles at a very efficient performance.

Bag Filters prevents the high-pressure drop because of the multi-pocket design. Also, high gauge galvanized frame provides strong bonding with the filtration pockets. Synthetic Fiber pockets are ultrasonically sealed.




• Air Filtration Class: F6 and F9.

• Frame: Frame fabricated High quality Glvanized Iron sheet.

• Filter Media: Synthetic.

• Efficiency: 65% (F6 Filtration Class) and 95% (F9 Filtration Class).

• Standard Dimensions (mm): 592 x 592 x 560 with 6 Pockets and 592 x 296 x 560 with 3 Pockets.


• F6 and F9 Class of Air Filtration.

• Low initial resistance.

• Excellent dust holding capacity.

• High efficiency.

• Envrionment friendly.

• Constructed of durable special material.