ADT-JD9750 Series (ADT-JD9750/R & ADT-JD9750/P)

ADT-JD9750/R & ADT-JD9750/P Jet air diffusers offers an economical solution to high capacity air distribution applications requiring long throw distances. Model ADT-JD9750/R is Round face diffuser and ADT-JD9750/P is Panel type diffuser. High capacity diffusers are recommended for theaters, arenas, convention halls, factories, shopping centers or anywhere requiring long throw. Air flow patterns are adjustable in the horizontal and vertical planes for maximum flexibility.

ADT-JD9750 series diffusers are located on ductwork or sidewalls to create horizontal air distribution. For spot heating or cooling the diffusers are installed in ceilings producing a vertical pattern. Throw is maximized by converging the air streams into a straight pattern reducing the need for extensive ductwork. Wide areas are covered by adjusting the elements 30° - 45° from any plane perpendicular to the diffuser face into diverging air streams.

ADT-JD9750/R + ADT-RVCD8250/MA
Back View ( ADT-JD9750/P-w/RVD )


• Frame: Fabricated from high quality Zincro Sheets. Aluminum sheet construction as option.

• Inner Rings: Inner Rings are fabricated from high quality Zincro Sheets. Aluminum sheet construction as option.


• Frame and inner rings are fabricated from high quality Zincro Sheets.

• Inner rings are movable.

• Designed for use high capacity air distribution.

• Finished with powder coating. Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as option to avoid air leakage.


• Round volume control damper (ADT-RVCD).

• Radial type volume damper (RVD).

• Perforated Sheet.


• Standard finish is white powder coated.

• Other finish is available as option.

Neck Sizes Ø (mm)
150 375
200 450
225 500
300 600
• Non-standard size available as option • All sizes can be produced

• All Dimensions are in mm.

150 225
200 275
225 300
300 375